Thursday, July 29, 2010

Monday, July 19, 2010

Drake greens his tour and supports greening the block!

This spring, in the months preceding his record release, Drake partnered with Reverb’s Campus Conscious Tour. Reverb is an organization that helps musicians reduce the environmental footprint of their tours while simultaneously conducting grassroots outreach and education to fans. On his tour, Drake traveled to 17 campuses in a dozen states to engage and educate his fans on the benefits of going green and how they can become involved in building a green economy. In order to go green, Drake’s tour bus was run on biodiesel, there were recycling and composting stations at each stop, biodegradable catering supplies and eco-friendly cleaning supplies were used, catering was cooked with local, organic food, CO2 offsets were purchased, and the merchandise sold was made of sustainable materials.

And as part of their efforts to engage students on his tour, Drake and Reverb brought along
Green the Block, a national campaign and coalition aimed at helping low-income communities of color become driving forces of the clean-energy economy. Representatives of Green the Block worked with students on each campus to do community events and outreach on how they too can go green. Part of this outreach was getting people to sign the Green the Block pledge, which is ten easy steps one can take to help protect the environment and grow the green economy. Drake himself signed it! Reflecting on his choice to green his tour, Drake said, “The whole green movement has been something that’s been brought more to the forefront. The term green is something that has been refreshing, something that is exciting…for me to be associated with it, I thought personally, it made sense.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

A short, cute video that explains the life cycle of Bottled water!