Friday, August 5, 2011

Capacitor dance company visit

While in San Francisco this week, I have had the opportunity to experience art and science in new, beautiful ways. On Wednesday, I visited San Fran's premier modern dance company, Capacitor, which creates pieces to capture the essence and nature of different aspects of nature, science and environmental issues. I had e-mailed her about my passion for her company's work and my desire to learn more. I was welcomed into the studio and got to see them work on their new show and education concept, Okeanos, or Oceans. Watch the clip below to see their previous success with Biome, a piece exploring the concepts of moment and spirit in Costa Rica's cloud forests.
As an aspiring choreographer and environmental communicator, dance presents an opportunity to imagine ourselves in a more spiritual and physical relationship with the natural world. Visually, the dancers represent how truly connected we are to nature, not separate or in competition with nature, as some might have us believe. This is especially relevant in today's world, where climate and environmental destruction is an increasingly defining human interaction with nature. Yet, there is so much to gain from cooperating with nature - our health, peace and prosperity depend on it. I hope the work of Capacitor dance company in San Francisco is the beginning of a movement in arts and environmental communication that celebrates the beautiful harmony that is possible with nature is a visual, emotional and intellectual way.

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